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hello!! first off let me say that you're an amazing cosplayer. you inspire me so much!! I was wondering if you had any tips for binding, specifically open-chest for jackets and such? anything helps;; thank you so much <33

Hello Anon! Ahhhh, thank you so much, you’re so lovely!!!! ^//////////^
I sure do! Open-chest binding can be hard (sometimes I still bind badly even though I’ve done it a fair few times now) and can be painful ~ so I recommend going slowly and taking your time! Maybe even do a practice run ;D
This tutorial here is pretty much how I learned! 
It has great step by step instructions and diagrams!  The most important thing I can stress is to be very careful ~ it’s a sensitive area and you don’t want to do any major damage to yourself :D  I also find that taking off binding in the shower, or bath, helps a lot with dissolving some of the adhesive from the tape, and DO NOT rip it off like a band-aid otherwise you could tear your skin!!
Good luck, Anon!! 

Hey Tessa, next time you come up to Sydney, make sure you bring up some free! Costumes so you can re create the episode at the locations such as Olympic park and bondai beach. Make all the US and Japanese cosplayers of the show jealous ;) haha.

Hiiiiiiiiiii!! C: Oh god, I badly want to shoot Free! in Sydney!! :D  I’d love to do Fireman Makoto from the ending credits in all the right locations, and I’m going to cosplay Rin as well so maybe if someone wants to Haru around with me it would be great to shoot the Australian adventure episode as well! XD  We’re super lucky that they set that episode here!!! 

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Sorry if this has already been asked/answered, but do you have any tips for styling wigs so they're like swoopy hair? (I don't know how to describe it.) Also, is it safe to use regular hairspray on wigs, or is there a certain kind so you don't damage it?

Hello ryuko—kun!!

Regular hairspray is fine! I haven’t yet found a hairspray that damages a wig per se ~ if you think you’ve put too much in you can often comb the wig back out and start again, or wash it to completely get rid of the hairspray build up!
As for “swoopy” styling ~ I sort of go about it two ways. To begin with, I make sure that the wig I’m working with has a bit of a wave or a flick in the fibers already ~ it’s much easier to work with than a wig that’s dead straight! XD

Then I divide the hair up into sections that I want to style out, I separate them all using clips then do each section individually. I give the section I’m styling a light coat of hairspray, then shape it with my fingers so it has the right curve to it.  While the hairspray is still slightly tacky I get my hairdryer on it’s lowest/coldest setting and use it to set the hairspray!  Then to finish off that section I use hair clay to make the tip of the hair piece nice and pointed.  Then I just repeat that method for all the other sections I want to style!

Once all the sections are done, I give the whole wig a final coating of hairspray ~ by standing back and just sort of “misting” it over the wig ~ just to set the whole thing a little better! 

I hope this is somewhat helpful for you ^3^

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Are you guys going to do a cosplay for "zankyou no terror" in future?

Hello Anon! I love Zankyou no Terror ~ I’m a few episodes behind atm, but I really like Nine :D  I wouldn’t mind cosu-ing him at all! I’m not sure if any of my friends are watching it though!!! XD

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tessu senpai I love all the free! pictures you've been putting up. where did you get your season 2 makoto swim pants from? i've been trying to find some for my own makoto cosplay for ages!

Thank you so much Anon, I’m really glad that you like them!! (^v^)
I actually made my leg skins ~ they’re just made from a poly-lycra blend!
If you want to make them yourself, I just used a legging pattern as the black base ~ then drew up the green and white designs onto heat & bond and ironed that to the coloured fabric and then cut them out.  
Then ironed those shapes onto the black fabric and top-stitched them all using a zig-zag stitch (because it will stretch with the stretch of the fabric) and just popped some elastic in the waistband!
If you don’t want to make them, there are probably some floating around on taobao!  Good luck anon, have heaps of fun cosplaying Makoto, he’s such a lovely character to do!! 

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I was wondering where you got your Iwatobi SC jacket? (awesome cosplaying by the way!)

Hello Anon!! I borrowed the jacket from Nai and Misun because mine didn’t exactly match XD  But they got them from here: http://item.taobao.com/item.htm?id=35191641979 
Thank you so much!!! 

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Hi Tessu-senpai! I absolutely love your Clear cosplay he's so adorable in the anime ^-^ And your Free! Cosplays are soooo good I just love your work~

Hi Anon-kohai!! Waaah thank yoooooou, I love Clear too he’s such a sweetie and he makes me cry so many tears QQ I have many Clear feels, haha!  
Omg, I’m so glad you like my Free cosplays, it’s like my favourite thing at the moment, and I’m just a huge fangirl mess over those swimboys!
Thank you so much for your lovely message!! 

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H hi *-* i just want to tell you that i love your cosplays! i love the details,your expressions in the photos asdasfagasd everything *o*<3 and i read a lot of your responses and you seems to be a really sweet person <3 i hope to meet you someday!! <3 *hugs*

Hi Anon!! //waves
Thank you so much, I’m really flattered that you like my cosplays!! Hehe, I personally don’t think I’m that great at expressions, but I’m working hard to try and improve them! ੭•̀ω•́)੭
Uuuuuu, thank you, I just try to be genuine! I really hope we can meet someday too!! //hugs back super hard

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You are hands down one of the most amazing Cosplayers I have ever seen. You are so real! You can clearly see that all your progress over the years has been due to your hardwork and talent, you're forever kind and supportive of everyone, and (I've met you in person once a little while ago) you were so nice when I asked to have a photo with you even though I was really awkward and quiet. So thank you for being such a genuine person.

Oh my god Anon ~ thank you so much for this super lovely message!! I’m really beyond touched that you think so highly of me ~ ahhh getting happy tears!!  If you see me again please come and say hi so I can give you a hug, okay?!