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Tessu-sama you are the lord of the sexy legs *_* i stare at them every time i open your blog and i cant help it =.="

(^//////////////////^) Ahhhhh anon-san stop, you’re making me blush!!
I’m a noddle person so they’re quite long ~ they help me get places fast!!!

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Hello Tessu-Senpai. I just found your Cosplay recently and I think they are all very good, and I love Free so my favourite is your Makoto Cosplay :) I think you and Dalfe-Senpai look just like real life Haruka and Makoto and all your pictures make me smile. I hope that you do more Cosplay from the new series :)

Ahhh, oh gosh Anon, thank you so much!! ^///////^
Free is like my most favourite thing at the moment, I love those swimming dorks so much ❤  I’m so flattered whenever someone says they like my Makoto cosu, he’s such a dear character to me ^3^
They make you smile, awwwww, jeez you’re such a cutie!! Thank you ~ we definitely plan on doing more cosu of them!

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I love your cosplays! Quick question: do you make your own costumes or do you buy them? I don't care either way, I'm just curious :D

Hi lovely Anon! Thank you so much <3
I make about 90% of my cosplays ~ if it’s something simple like casual clothes or a school uniform and I just want it for a photoshoot sometimes I buy bits and pieces ~ but generally they’re all made by me :D

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Dear Tessa, you are a nerd and I love you. Lots of love, Kate.

Dear Kate, I am. I must live with my life choices. O v O But I’m okay with it and I love you and miss you so much 

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i'm so jealous, i wish i could be the haru to your makoto

Awwww Anon, don’t be jealous! //hug
Maybe one day we can cosplay together ~ or maybe there’s someone out there just waiting to be Makoto to your Haru! 

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My eyes are crying because you are the best Anri ;o ; don't you have more photos??? Or a photoshoot with dalfe as Anri and Shiro?

Oh gosh Anon, thank you! QQ I’m crying cause you’re so lovely!!
//tissues all around

I have a few more photos, I’ll put them up shortly :D  I sadly only have con-photos with Dalfe because we were too tired to do a proper shoot on the day of the convention XD  But hopefully the next time I go to Brisbane we’ll be able to take some proper photos together <3

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How did you and Dalfe meet and become friends? I'm so curious!

Hello anon, we first met when Dalfe Nai came down to AI-Con which is the convention local to my state! ^u^ I’m so glad though, because from that point forward we got to see each other more often and became friends!!

I’m so lucky to have Nai as a close friend now! Nai’s one of the loveliest people I know: generous, kind, smart, endlessly witty, and phenomenally talented <3

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Teach me the way of the cosgay~

It is a strange and mysterious thing anon, but I shall endeavor to pass on what knowledge I have:

1.) Pick a character.
2.) Pick a same sex pairing (probably one you ship).
3.) Find a willing friend to cosplay the other half of the ship.
4.) Take some pictures.

Voila! Cosgay!  Go forth, anon, and try this path for yourself. I wish you the greatest success!

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Tessu omg your Anri cosplay is legitimately spectacular ^^ your my headcanon Anri now! if there was ever a live-action Adekan movie i would cast you and Dalfe senpai as Shiro and Anri ovo

Ahhh Anon you are so nice QQ Thank you so much, I’m very proud of it!

OH GOSH HEAD-CANON REALLY?! JUST LET ME DIE OF HAPPINESS OVER HERE OKAY!?  Oh. My. God. Could you imagine how pretty a live-action Adekan would be?!  I’m so flattered that you would cast us wah! Although, personally I would cast some beautiful Japanese boys in it, but I’m still so very very flattered that you said such a lovely thing! <3

Imma give you some hugs now, okay anon? You are super precious!